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Premarital Counseling
Massachusetts & New Jersey


How do I know premarital counseling through It's aPARENTly Time LLC is right for me?

Premarital counseling with It's aPARENTly Time LLC is a specialized 8-week program that provides you with the skills needed to build a strong foundation for your marriage. Each week, the focus is on a specific topic related to life as a married couple. We start off with discussing your expectations around what it means to be a wife or a good husband. You work together to create a vision statement which serves as a guide for your relationship. We focus on communication skills and utilize week 4 to practice the tools learned in session. This helps to guide the conversations you will have in the following weeks on intimacy, family planning, money management, and navigating extended family. 

The goal is to ensure that you are given the tools needed so that you are able to grow together as a couple! Marriage is a beautiful experience and it requires a lot of work. Premarital counseling through It's aPARENTly Time LLC is committed to helping you build your happily ever after together!

When is a good time for us to start premarital counseling?

You can never be too prepared for marriage! If you are in a committed relationship and you're working towards marriage, now is a good time to start! If you're recently engaged and planning your wedding, you want to be sure that premarital counseling is apart of your consideration. Here's why:

  • It helps you to work towards building your shared vision for your future (Murray & Murray, 2004)

  • The risk of divorce is higher in the earlier stages of marriage so having preventative support like premarital counseling is helpful to the success of your relationship (Kreider & Fields, 2001)

  • You can learn effective tools to help improve and/or maintain healthy communication skills

  • You learn how to work as a TEAM: find out more about what this acronym means in our work together

  • It provides you the opportunity to start having the hard conversations like finances, family planning, and managing expectations of extended family

Set your partnership up for success!

What can I expect from the premarital program offered by It's aPARENTly Time LLC?

The 8 week program provided focuses on important topics such as defining expectations of yourself as a spouse, creating a vision statement as the foundation for your marriage, discussions about how to improve communication and so much more. The outline below provides a preview of the focus for each week: 

Premarital Counseling Workbook-3.png

Payment Options Available


Option 1

One Time Payment


Bride and Groom

Option 2

Bi-weekly Payments

4 payments of $470

Engaged Couple Holding Hands

Option 3

Weekly Payments

8 payments of $235

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