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Is this your first time seeking therapy and you’re not sure what to expect? Maybe you do have an idea about the therapeutic process, but you still have some questions. Utilize a consultation session to gain insight and to see if us working together would be a good fit for you.


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Individual Therapy

You’re now a new mom or dad and you need to process through what this change means to you. If you're single or in a relationship and you simply want to explore how past and current experiences have impacted your ideas on becoming a parent, utilizing individual sessions can help. Individual therapy provides one on one support to discuss the worries or struggles you are experiencing that are impacting your life in a way that doesn’t align with what you envisioned. We will take a systemic approach to addressing your concerns. This means that we will explore the impact of family, culture, tradition and other factors.  We will work together to address how you can effectively bring about the positive change you are looking for in your life. 

Couples Therapy

Are you dating or newly married and exploring how to face the following together: navigating extended family relationships, communication concerns, differences in parenting styles, or finances? Have you found yourself asking the following questions: Does my partner still love the way I look? How are we going to keep the spontaneity in our relationship if the baby's needs comes first? Can we get back to being more fun? I feel like you’ve changed so much since we’ve had the baby.


We can explore how to navigate these concerns together!


It is critical to prioritize your relationship as you take on the new challenges of parenthood and life. It can be easy to neglect your needs as partners as you care for your new baby or navigate how to deal with life stressors as a couple. Couples therapy will provide a safe space to explore ways to maintain or rebuild the romance in your marriage or relationship. It will help you to rediscover the couple you want to be as your connection deepens or as your family grows.

Life Coach

Who am I? What are the goals that I have for my life? How can I overcome feeling stuck? What are my passions? How do I live in confidence and not fear? We will take a personalized approach to exploring these questions so that you are able to gain the clarity you need in your life. By empowering you to look inward for the self love, you will start to see the change and growth in your life. Schedule a time for us to chat so that you can discover how to be Unapologetically You! 


Group Sessions

Please stay tuned for the start date of the upcoming group session series: Dear Parenthood. To be notified about when this group will begin, please complete this form.