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-Are you a new parent and struggling to adjust to the changes in your life and marriage?

-Do you find yourself feeling overwhelmed by all the hats you wear as a mom?

-Are you ready to start a family and want to prepare yourself for that transition?

-Have you experienced the loss of your baby and want to be supported through your grief? 

I’m here to help!

As a licensed professional and a mother, I am passionate about assisting you as you navigate the joys and challenges associated with bringing a new life into this world. Building a strong family begins with YOU. I believe that you already have all the tools needed to overcome your current obstacles whether it be figuring out what it means to be a new parent or learning how to effectively communicate your needs with your partner. I'm excited to see your growth through the therapeutic work we will do. So let's get started today!

"There is no need to suffer silently and there is no shame in seeking help.” 

–- Catherine Zeta- Jones

Happy Family

Are you ready to say "I Do" and commit to spending the rest of your life with your partner? Are you curious about how to build a more solid foundation for your relationship? My 8 week premarital counseling program will teach you some useful tools to apply in your relationship.

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Maybe you are considering if becoming parents is a part of your story as a couple. You may be new to parenthood and struggling to figure out how to prioritize your relationship. Meeting for relationship counseling can help you with these scenarios and many others. Click "Book Online" to schedule your free 15 minute consultation.

Looking for more of a targeted program? You may be interested in our upcoming workshop:

"To Love and Hold"

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Transitioning into motherhood can be rewarding and challenging all at the same time. Click Book Online below to schedule your free consultation to discuss how we can work together

Support group coming soon which will offer open and honest conversations related to motherhood. If you are interested in being a part once this program launches, please click the link below to fill out the interest form



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*If you are in crisis and need immediate assistance, please call 911 or go to the nearest emergency room. 

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