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Turquoise Couch

About Us

The Mission

To change the way mental health support is provided to pregnant and postpartum individuals so they can go from surviving to thriving in motherhood.

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My Values


This is a collaborative process that requires vulnerability and accountability. The goal of our partnership is to see you succeed in your experience as parents.


Building a working relationship requires mutual respect of our time and energy. There is a commitment to working together to help you meet your identified goals.


It is important that you feel a sense of safety and care when working with your therapist. A judgment free zone is provided for you to share your concerns.


Research and the implementation of therapeutic frameworks help to guide the techniques utilized in our work together. Different services are provided to meet your needs!



Benefits of A Support System & How To Find One (pg 15)

Define what a support system is, identify why it's important to have & learn how to build one. 

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How To Communicate With Your Partner In Postpartum

Learn to become a better team with your partner, communicate effectively, and prioritize self-care.

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Should Everyone Have Access To You? 

Communicating your boundaries in relationships when dealing with draining situations.

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Online Summit

5 Tips On How To Create Boundaries

The CEO Mom Summit 2022 was held to provide useful tips for busy CEO moms.

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