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Pregnant Woman and Partner

Relationship & Marriage Support Massachusetts & New Jersey


Why is relationship and marriage support important as new parents?

The birth of a new baby changes the dynamics within a family system. Becoming parents is a major life transition and it's important that you remain a team as, you learn together how to, care for your baby! There are changes that you will go through individually and this affects the way you show up in your relationship. Being proactive and taking the necessary steps to get yourself the support you need is important. Addressing your mental and emotional well-being with Hazel, is one aspect of the support system you deserve to have as new parents and parents to be. 

Is relationship and marriage support through It's aPARENTly Time LLC right for us?

Please don't wait until things are falling apart before you make the decision to reach out for help. It's aPARENTly Time LLC is here to provide you with the tools needed to keep your relationship a priority! Use this as an opportunity to have those difficult conversations with an unbiased third party who will hold you accountable and set you up for success as new parents. 

Here at It's aPARENTly Time LLC, we want to see you win! Supporting you as you begin the journey of family planning, as you navigate pregnancy, and as you adjust to life with a new baby, is important to us! Our services are also helpful to those of you with multiple children who feel overwhelmed on a daily basis. Hazel can help you to develop systems and make the mindset shifts that are necessary for your success. 

What can I expect with relationship and marriage support through It's aPARENTly Time LLC?

Sessions are held on a weekly basis to build a better understanding of the concerns you would like to address. We then identify your goals which serves as the guide for our work together. This is a collaborative process, so this means that your input about the process is valued. Counseling will only be successful if you are being intentional about following through with the assignments given to you in session. Some of the topics of focus in sessions for relationship and marriage support are:

  • learning how to improve communication skills

  • identifying ways to "fight" fair instead of "fighting" dirty

  • learning how to work better as a team 

  • discussing ways to improve all aspects of intimacy in the relationship

  • developing practical ways to share the load of parenthood

  • learning how to develop healthy and secure boundaries when dealing with others (including extended family)

  • learning how to identify the difference between "me time", "us time", and "we time" now that baby is here

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